Strawberry Dream

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♥.loved.♥ tracy.chapman courage.maker
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[.to be with you.]*** ♥♥♥


*.designer. >>> [.Shingel.]

deep purple


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black night is my favorite song




highway star

child in time

smoke on the water


the painter



tracy chapman


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for you is my favorite song



talkin about ab revoulution

fast car

baby can i hold you

across the lines

for my lover


i'm ready


the promise

bang bang bang

telling stories



mr. big


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to be with you is my favorite song




wild world


let yourself go



pink floyd


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wish you were here = my favorite song






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every song = love ♥


children of bodom


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my favortie is needled 24/7





sie sind meine lieblingsband...ich liebe alle ihre lieder =)))♥

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